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The Smart House will manage a "Dream Home" project from conception, to handing over the keys on move in day (plus all of the logistics you don't want to worry about)! Every step, beginning to end is managed and streamlined for an enjoyable experience to our various types of customers. Whether you’re a real estate investor, a homebuyer, or a real estate agent – The Smart House, LLC has a plan for your success.

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Real Estate Investor

We provide a turn-key solution so you can easily get into real estate investing or manage simultaneous projects, large or small.

·     Locate property and with due diligence, approve for purchase

·     Setup investment company LLC for legal protection

·     Manage investment company LLC, including accounting

·     Marketing the property to attract homebuyers

·     Working with homebuyers to design their dream home

·     Project management through the entire construction process

·     Complete the project, disburse your return on investment, close and archive all processes



Establish a clear vision, be fully informed of all choices and outcomes to easily navigate to the doorstep of your new dream home!

·     Locate property

·     Prepare land for building

·     Design home

·     3D virtual walkthroughs

·     Price out home

·     Manage the construction of the project

·     Provide a move-in ready home

RE Agents

Real Estate Agent

Working together saves you time, educates your buyers and sets everyone up for success!

·       Provide excellent customer service to your buyer

·       Finding property that works for your buyer

·       Evaluating pros and cons per property

·       Thoroughly educating your buyer through the process, beginning to end

·       Prepare the home buyer for purchasing land or a home

·       Providing all information needed to complete a Purchase and Sales agreement

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