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Barden Homes

Barden Building Products proudly continues to integrate leading product design with advanced building technology and manufacturing to produce structural building components like the wood wall panels and trusses used to build your home. Barden's experienced drafting and design team offers endless possibilities when it comes to conceptualizing, creating, and producing your dream home.


Manufacturing in an off-site, controlled environment ensures tighter quality control, limits waste, and speeds up the onsite building process so your home can be weathertight in half the time. Start with one of Barden's existing plans, one of your own, or create from a blank slate.


The Smart House, LLC is excited to assist with the design and delivery of the home you have been waiting for with the Barden quality and experience you deserve! We love working with Barden and know you will too!

(Click here to view an article based off an interview with Paul Pare`)

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