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Paul J. Pare` Jr. has 35+ years experience in the construction industry; it’s basically the only thing he’s ever done. He started off at a very young age. Some childhood memories included him constantly asking his older brothers to let him help clean up on jobsites in his grade school years. When he was old enough to work, he got into flooring and was running his brothers crews before he got his license. He learned every aspect of the business: installing, purchasing from vendors, sales and customer service.


Opening up his own flooring store was a natural next step, and was doing quite well. At the same time, as he was on jobsites and completed his work, he would stay on-site and offer assistance to other tradesmen in exchange for learning whatever he could from them. In this way, he got to learn a little of everything and knew he wanted to become a general contractor to design and build his own projects. When Lowes and Home Depot began doing flooring installations, the market got crowded so Paul moved on into the next stage of his career.


There was a natural progression: Paul worked for and studied under other contractors. He learned design work for a variety of projects: bathroom and kitchen remodeling, additions. He also got heavily into project management, being very comfortable with working and communicating with professionals of every trade in the field, commercial and residential. He had an opportunity to build his own dream home with 6,500 sq ft in Essex, MA in 2004, which was the very first project he did on his own, start to finish. Once he made this dream a reality for himself (which is something he dreamed of for his entire life), he knew this is what he wanted to do for others: fueled by a true talent and passion for design work, project management and helping others live out their dreams too! He also realized he didn’t need to work for anyone else and began working independently, hiring and managing employees and subcontractors for his projects.

When the market crashed, he lost the home he wanted to retire in and hand down to his children. This was the catalyst that brought him into New Hampshire living. Things started off slowly, but steadily gained momentum through word-of-mouth referrals. At the time, the market was heavy in remodeling work, so Paul specialized in that as well as new home design – creating beautiful custom homes, kitchens and baths in many homes in Southern NH.

And now, 10 years after moving to NH, Paul transformed his career once again and started The Smart House, LLC. He saw a need in the market for providing support to homeowners, realtors and investors start to finish, and all the way though the entire process of building a home. He says Covid forced him to change, while at the same time his girlfriend inspired him to shift directions as well. Using everything he’s learned in the 35+ years of experience he has in the construction industry has served him very well through this transition.

There aren’t many people that have experience and motivation like Paul has. His personality is professional yet fun-loving, serious but kind, inspired and thoughtful, he’s always got a smile and a laugh to share. Paul has always been an optimistic dreamer. He truly enjoys the process of designing and building. But, most importantly, he is a great listener and loves helping others bring their dreams into actuality. With his systematic processes in place, he will exceed your expectations! 

The Man Behind the Dream. 

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